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Football school for men from 3 to 10 years old

Physical development and healthy communication from an early age

The goal of Football Dream is to help your child become self-motivated from an early age, and you will be proud of your child from the very beginning. The future of Ukrainian football belongs to your children!

We invite everyone to sign up for a free training session and take a training course in Football Dream!

How are club classes

  • Children from 3 to 10 years old are engaged in the club
  • Classes are held in the sports hall on Admiralskaya 27/3 (building “Ukrtelecom”)
  • Children are divided into younger and older groups
  • All club workouts are open to parents!
  • Duration of classes is from 45 to 60 minutes. Classes in the club are held two / three times a week with a choice of a convenient schedule (morning / evening / weekend groups). There are also individual workouts.
  • Maximum attention to your child is achieved by limiting the number of children in groups and the work of several trainers at the same time in the class
  • All children are engaged in a bright club form, which allows them to feel like part of our friendly team
  • Each football player has a personal account with achievements, skills and abilities. Parents have the opportunity to follow the progress of their children online

Objectives of our lessons

  • Creation of enduring interest and love for sports
  • Development of motor qualities (dexterity, coordination)
  • Development of characteristic qualities (courage, perseverance, organization, purposefulness)
  • Social adaptation of the child

Our approach

  • We are for the careful development of the child. Development without screaming, without psychological pressure
  • We do not force children to study, we motivate through interest and maximum attention to each child

Our coaches:

  • By their appearance, they show the child a role model
  • They charge children with their energy and carry them into the world of sports
  • Get along with children by playing with them
  • Will demonstrate any exercise exemplarily
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Admiralskaya street, 27/3, Nikolaev, Nikolaev region
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